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One of the most delicate members of the onion family, chives is many different popular herbs that play an active role in European cooking. Although the onion bulbs grow below the ground, it is the clump of grass that shoots up that is used in cooking. This grass is thin and long, and hollow inside with a taste that is somewhat similar to spring onions or leeks. The flower heads too may be used as garnish. The Asian variety of chives is known as Chinese chives or garlic chives.

There are several reasons to buy chives. They are highly aromatic and their delicate flavor is a welcome addition to salads and soups. There is not any need for any tearful chopping with this herb. Additionally, chives is seldom cooked. Cooking causes the hollow leaves to blanch and also reduces the flavor. The leaves are cut into small pieces using a pair of scissors before adding as a garnish to dishes. The leaves are used whole.

When buying chives, be sure you choose firm bulbs with leaves having the green colour of grass. It’s ideal to purchase chives in small quantities because they taste best when they’re fresh. The leaves are tender but may be kept in a refrigerator for almost a week if they’re wrapped and packed properly. Chives may also be dried or frozen for shipping. However, this process may decrease the aroma of the herb. If you want to store chives, they must be frozen instead of drying. Once frozen, they could be packed into small plastic containers.

Chives impart a healthy yet subtle flavor to soups, salads, vegetables and sauces. It enhances the flavor of eggs, cheese, salads, soups, sandwiches, baked potatoes and beef. Chives may be utilised in conjunction with other herbs as they maintain their distinctive taste even when combined with other powerful herbs and spices.

Chives is highly common in continental cooking. It’s said that early Dutch settlers grew chives on meadows so that cows grazing on them may yield milk with the flavor and odor of chives.

Chives are famous as an appetizer and as a digestive. In early medicine, Chives are used to treat a number of conditions including hypertension, lack of desire, colds and nausea.

Chives may be grown in the backyard at home or they may be purchased from the nearest local shop. High quality chives could be purchased online too. When buying this delicate herb, ensure that you buy in small quantities that are consumed quickly.


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