Image result for Beef StewYum! Beef Stew! Thinking about it provides a sense of comfort and warmth for cool days or any day for that matter. It can be appreciated any time of year. But what makes a excellent beef stew? click for info

1) Meat

2) Veggies

3) Cooking Method


A great beef stew starts out with terrific meat. Of course, there are lots of cuts of meat available in the meat section. Purchasing the best cut of meat can be as simple as choosing a fresh package of stew meat cut into small pieces for easy browning. You can also select a piece of beef and have the butcher cut the meat for you. However, when I choose to buy my meat, I make sure it is Angus beef since it has less marbling and is more tender than other forms of beef, ideal for the best stews.


You can’t have beef stew with no vegetables. Onions are a personal matter but I make sure they are in my stew. Try adding additional fresh seasonal ingredients from your garden.

Cooking Method

The best way to cook your ingredient to perfection is up to debate. Most often you think of beef stew simmering on top of the stove in a Dutch oven all day. Some use their crock pot, letting the stew to simmer all day without having to watch over it. I, however, want to lift up an alternate. My favorite way to cook beef stew is to add all of the ingredients into my electric pressure cooker. This is the easiest and quickest”place it in and leave it” way of cooking I have found. After browning your meat (in the pressure cooker) simply add your favorite ingredients, water and broth, set the timer for a half hour or so. Using an electric pressure cooker infuses flavor into all of your ingredients. It even allows you to cook from frozen, if you choose. Simply place your frozen meats, veggies and fluids into your pressure cooker, place the controls for about an hour and PRESTO! You have a fantastic beef stew prepared to serve.

Regardless of what ingredients you decide to use or what method of cooking you choose, making beef stew to your family is a great way to bring warmth and satisfaction to your table. Treat your family to some now!

Beef Stew

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