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Knowing the difference between being hungry and just needing something to eat is essential to developing good eating habits. If you eat when you are hungry, you’re fueling your body.

Learning how to wait until you are hungry to consume accomplishes an important aim. By the time you begin to feel hungry your body is already beginning to consume your fat stores as it’s run out of gas. It tells you that with hunger pangs and by this time you’re actually beginning to burn a few of those stored calories and you start to drop weight. So waiting until you’re hungry helps with the weight loss procedure.

Although most people can probably recognize when we are hungry, lots of us frequently mistake the desire to “want something consume” for being hungry. It’s important to understand the difference and there’s a way to tell the difference.

If the urge to eat feels like it is coming out of your throat, you feel as if you need something to eat but it’s probably not from being hungry. The digestive juices have begun flowing into your mouth and you will really feel the feeling in the back of your neck and mouth. This isn’t hunger, this is merely a desire to eat that has been triggered by something apart from hunger.

When it’s real thirst, you will really feel it in your gut and feel that empty feeling and you will know that it’s probably time for you to consume. Your body is saying, “OK, I consumed the things you ate at breakfast and I am having to begin burning off my fat reserves, feed me.”

Eating when you do not need it’s similar to filling up your vehicle. If you did you’d wind up overfilling it all of the time.

If you examine the situation the next time “just feel like eating something” you will probably realize that something has made you think about food and made a desire to consume. Can you get up from watching TV and you noticed the kitchen? Can you walk from the kitchen? Can you have a moment when you’re diverted and the notion of food entered your mind. Can you get up from the desk to go to the toilet and walk from the rest room? Were you aware that bag of snacks you attracted to work?

Knowing the difference and taking action to avoid this unnecessary eating will make a massive difference (no pun intended) on your weight over time. And keep in mind that when you eat when you aren’t hungry, how can you know when you have had enough.

Bear in mind that hunger is not on a schedule. Just because it is break time it does not mean that you have to eat something and just because it is lunch does not mean that you must be hungry.

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